My "Why"

Forever Dedicated to Contributing to The Mission

07 October 2013 will forever be the best day of my life! I had the absolute pleasure of marrying my best friend on that day. The day I dedicated my life to Mrs. Thomas, I also dedicated it to my three beautiful children. In my mind, there isn't a better feeling in the world than the feelings I had that day. Fast forward 6 months and, while my love for my family never faltered, I had some other feelings taking over my day to day life. One emotion that I overwhelming me was Stress! Not because of anything my family was doing, but because what I had done to us. Out of ignorance of what it took to financially support a household of 5 (6* since we had my son's best friend living with us). I had dipped into our savings account one too many times. I had said "yes" to those new cell phones for Christmas and just put them on the credit card which had a balance that kept getting higher each month. We bought a house for about $60.000 more than we had planned. To top it all off, we somehow got approved for 2 new cars to park in our new garage. From the outside, looking in, we looked like we had it all. The reality was a different story though. We were living pay check to pay check. We were very quickly depleting the little we had left in savings. We were on a plane with an engine blown and we were going down fast. I was too "proud" to ask for help or to even to let my new family know we were in trouble. I kept "figuring it out" even though it was getting harder and harder. I wanted to give my family everything.  I wanted to spoil my wife and kids but I had put us in a bad spot. I stressed, daily, as I looked at the bills and our

accounts only to confirm the same thing every day. The stress started getting bad enough that it began to affect The Mission. I started slipping at work. The struggle was affecting every aspect of my life and no matter how much I planned, no matter how many times I looked at the numbers they just weren't adding up. Luckily for me, I had some great leadership that noticed the change in my demeaner and I was approached multiple times to find out what was going on. After a few failed attempts to get through to me, I finally realized they were trying to help. That's the day I found out about the Air Fore Aid Society and the day our financial troubles took a turn for the better. My supervision introduced me to some individuals whole represented the AFAS and they took us by the hand to walk us through the process of getting back on our feet. They put us through a budgeting class that taught us how to better manage our money moving forward. Then after showing the necessary knowledge to not put ourselves in this position again, the Air Force Aide Society gave me the biggest sense of relief that I have ever felt in my entire life. They gave me Peace. They took a weight off my shoulders that could have buried my marriage and career. They did that by cutting a check made out to us that was enough to get us caught up. So my "Why"? My "Why" is Peace for those that are willing to go to War for me, my family, and you. The AFAS, along with the other charities we support, give this type of relief as well as helping my military family in tons of other ways every day.